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June 8, 2012
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You watched Allistor throw darts at the picture of France. You really didn't mind France when he wasn't acting like a pervert and when he wasn't flirting with girls, but for some reason Allistor wasn't very fond of him.

"That damn bastard…" he said as he went up to the pictures and took the darts that stayed where France's head and eyes would be. He still had that same cigarette in his mouth for over 10 minutes and his auburn hair was all messed up.

"Hey Allistor?.." you said, sitting on a chair behind him. He turned around to face you and his green eyes showed the hate he had for France. "Yeah, what is it _________?" he asked. "How…How come you dislike France so much?..."

You asked, putting your hands on your lap and began to fiddle with your thumbs. There was a long pause before he spoke again. "Because I just do." He turned back to the picture of France and continued to throw the darts at him.

"Oh…" you said and looked down. Sometimes, you felt as if you could tell him anything, even that you loved him, but he couldn't tell you everything. You felt as if the door to both of your friendship was slowly closing and will never be able to open.

Suddenly you felt hot tears drop onto your hands. 'Shit why am I crying?!' you thought to yourself as you used the sleeve of your shirt to dry your eyes.

Allistor heard this and turned back around to see you crying. "Hey _______? Why are you crying?" he asked walking over to you and helped you wipe your tears away.

"I…I'm not sure why…" You admitted and felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Then you felt a soft pair of lips on your cheek. Shocked by this, you jumped back to see Allistor looking at you. You blushed hard and just sat there, trying to figure out what to say.

"Don't cry…you look much prettier when you don't" He said, brushing the hair that was in your face and went back to throwing the darts at the picture. You blush deepened and you smiled. You walked up behind Allistor and hugged him, making him jump a little surprised.

"Thank you…Allistor…" You said and hugged him even tighter. He allowed you to hug him and as soon as he was able to turn around and hug you back, pressing your body close to his and he stroked your (h/c) hair carefully.

"Your welcome…..___________."
A request by :iconjoli19: QUQ
Picture: [link]
Sorry if its bad <D;; I really don't know his personality and surf ;u;
Enjoy!!! <3

Scotland (c) Whoever owns him! IDK!!!! >A<
you (c) Yourself!
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