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February 3, 2013
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EnglandxReader FanFic


You shivered as you walked down the cold streets of your town. Gosh, you hated it when it was this cold. You understood that it would be cold today, but not in the negatives!!

You hugged your coat closer to you and sighed, looking at how your breath became visible in the cold, frosty air. You wished that you have brought your scarf with you, but almost being late for meeting with your friend Alfred, you have forgot to put it on. So there you were now, walking back from his house, in the freezing weather.

‘Why did I even go to his house anyways…?’


You flipped through the channels on your TV. Again, there was nothing interesting on, as usual. You sighed and leaned your head back and stared up at the ceiling. The background of the TV show seemed like it was all in a totally different language to you. You just wished that something interesting would happen and take you away from this boredom.

Suddenly, like god had somehow heard your prayers, you phone rang on the small table next to you. You quickly looked at it and saw that the caller id was just Alfred. You smiled and then picked it up.

“Hey Alfred!!”

“Hey dude!! Oh, Kiku brought over this new Japanese anime horror movie earlier today, want to come over and watch it with me?” He replied quickly in an excited tone.

You laughed slightly, “Sure thing, I’ll be there in 10 minutes!”

“Alright!! But hurry, or I’ll start it without you!!”

--FlashBack Ends---

You instantly cursed at yourself for being so forgetful.

“Dammit _________, you could’ve been a little late... The movie wasn’t even that good…”

As you continued to walk, you watched how everybody had hats pulled down and their scarves pulled close towards their bodies. Of course, you had remembered to bring you hat with you, but you were just too forgetful to forget the scarf. You tugged downwards to keep to from flying off in the wind, but to your luck, it flew away anyways.

“Ah!! H-hey, get back here!!”

You ran down the street, bumping into people who only snarled at you as you said sorry to them. ‘Man, why did this happen to me.. On all days?!’ you thought to yourself as the chilly air flew in between you (h/c) (h/l) hair. After what seemed like forever, you caught up to where your hat landed besides a local bench.

You reached down to pick it up, only to be stopped by a gloved hand picking it up instead. You followed you gaze up to the person who picked it up to you and felt your heart skip a beat.

The person who picked up your hat had short, blonde hair with emerald green eyes, which seemed to put you in some kind of trance. He also had bushy eyebrows, which you thought was a bit strange. ‘He should get his eyebrows trimmed or something…’ You thought but even with his bushy eyebrows, he still was quite attractive.

You heard him clear his throat and held out the hat towards you, saying in a thick, British accent, smiling,

“I do believe that this is yours, love.”

You felt a wave of heat rush to the tips of your ears and you laughed slightly, “Ah yes, it must’ve blown away in the wind. I’m really sorry about that!!” You said as you took your hat from his hand.

“It isn’t such a big problem for you to be apologizing, love.” He laughed as well and then extended his hand out towards you, “My name is Arthur Kirkland, and what is yours, if I may ask?”

‘Wow, he’s really formal’ you thought as you reached out your hand and placed it on his, shaking his hand. “My name is ___________, __________ ___________!!”

“Hmm…. ________ _________… Seems to fit such a lovely lady as yourself.”

At that moment, you felt a blush creep upon your face. Did he just call you lovely? No, that’s just what all British people do!! It just can be because he actually means it…

“Now, what is a lady like yourself doing out in the cold with all that light clothing?” He asks, tilting his head to the side just slightly.

Its true, you weren’t wearing proper clothing. You only wore a light coat with a pear of jeans and a pair of sneakers. Underneath your coat, you wore a short-sleeved shirt since you didn’t have enough time to change in order to get to Alfred’s house on time. You blushed in embarrassment and decided to tell him what happen with Alfred, the movie, and how you didn’t have enough time to get ready. Arthur stood there, listening carefully and nodding every once in a while.

“Well, to me, this Alfred guy seems to be very irresponsible.” He said flatly after you have finished talking.

“Ehehe, yeah, he can be like that… But his intentions are always good ones…” You rubbed the back of your cold neck and did a small smile. It felt good to finally be able to talk to someone who listened instead of interrupting you after every sentence you said, and it felt nice.

“Love, are you cold?”

“Hmm? Oh, I guess I am a bit, but you don’t really have to worry about me-“

Your sentence as cut off by a warm, soft cloth being wrapped around your freezing neck. You felt yourself blush and look up at Arthur, who’s scarf that was once around his was now on you.

“Oh Arthur, you didn’t have to do that you know… Now you’ll get cold…”

“I insist, it’s my duty to care about a lady well being before my own.” He replied with a reassuring smile planted on his face, which made you smile a little more as well.

You and Arthur talked more after that, learning only a little bit about each other. You learned that he had just moved into your town only about 2 weeks ago and is quite new. It turns out that he hasn’t really talked to anyone yet besides you, in which you were quite surprised in.

“Hey Arthur, if you want, I can show you around town tomorrow!!”

Arthur’s eyes widened at your invitation, “Oh, would you really? I would really appreciate that love!”

“Ok!! So just meet me here at 11:30 tomorrow!!” You smiled,

“Alright love! I’ll see you then.”

He smiled as well, took your hand, and kissed it lightly before turning around and started to walk off. You blushed as you watched him walk off and then noticed that his scarf was still around your neck.

“Ah Arthur, your scarf!!”

“Its ok love, you can keep it!” He called back and then disappeared out of sight.

You stood there for a few moments before feeling your lips curve into a bigger smile and your hands moved up to feel Arthur’s scarf.

Now, you couldn’t wait until tomorrow.
Yay a FanFic!! 8Dc
Ok, so this account will only be used for CountryxReader fanfics so as a grand opening(?) here is a fanfic!! :3

I'll actually be having commissions like this soon, so keep watch if you want one!! TvT

So yeah!! Hope you enjoy!! <3333

Pic: [link]

England (c) Hetalia
You (c) Yourself
FanFic (c) Me!!
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