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Yes! I will be doing fanfiction commissions now!
For the tv/movie, I would've have to have watched it before in order to write it v.v

Oneshot: 8 :points:
EnglandxReader: Scarves
EnglandxReader FanFic
You shivered as you walked down the cold streets of your town. Gosh, you hated it when it was this cold. You understood that it would be cold today, but not in the negatives!!
You hugged your coat closer to you and sighed, looking at how your breath became visible in the cold, frosty air. You wished that you have brought your scarf with you, but almost being late for meeting with your friend Alfred, you have forgot to put it on. So there you were now, walking back from his house, in the freezing weather.
‘Why did I even go to his house anyways…?’
You flipped through the channels on your TV. Again, there was nothing interesting on, as usual. You sighed and leaned your head back and stared up at the ceiling. The background of the TV show seemed like it was all in a totally different language to you. You just wished that something interesting would happen and take you away from this boredom.
Suddenly, like god had
(newest version <-- )  REQUEST: Vampire!EnglandxReader- I did it for you
You chased him.
That blonde English man.
The one who took you father.

"Where is he?!" You screamed to the British man infront of you. You have chased him for hours and finally found him at the edge of a park. "I'm not sure what you mean, love~" He said in a sarcastic tone. His emerald green eyes shined with lies and you could feel tears fall down your face.
"You know exactly what I'm talking about! Where is my father?!" you asked him again, feeling both your hands turn into fists. You have loved Arthur with your life but 2 months ago you broke up with him because you found out that he was a vampire. He felt hatred build up inside him and so he started kidnapping everyone that was close to you.
"Oh, well he is no longer with us~" he said and smirked a little. You felt your heart shatter. Your father was the last one who was close to you, and now he was dead. You felt more and more tears fall and you fell to the ground, weeping.
"Why… Why would you do this Arthur?! He did not
REQUEST: Demon!GermanyxReader- Your Mine
You walked home from the party you were just at. It was your best friends golden birthday and you stayed there until 2 a.m.. Your friends wanted to walk you home but you told them that it was fine and that you were sure that nothing bad was going to happen. "Besides, I only live 7 blocks away, I'll be fine!!" You told them. You waved back to them and gave them a smile.
You were sure…
The heels to your black shoes could be heard as you continued to walk on the sidewalk. Your short (f/c) dress blew in the wind and you held onto your purse tightly. You stopped when the stoplight turned red and waited for the cars to pass.
You suddenly felt breathing on you neck and froze. You turned around to see who it was but nobody was there. 'Ok…that was weird' you though as the stoplight turned green and you crossed the street.
The streets were empty as you walked home. 'Strange…there is usually people here…even when its late like this…' you thought. You shock that thought ou
 (old versions <-- )

If you want it to be multiple chapters, each one will cost you 5 :points:

Shows that I have watched:
Attack on Titan
South Park
Sword Art Online
(comment any other shows and I will tell you if I watched it before or not)

I also do oc x _______ :)

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